Saturday, June 27, 2009

Needle Tatting

A quick post today of some needle tatting I've done. I taught myself to needle tat after a disastrous class where I just couldn't get the hang of shuttle tatting. Nope, not even one successful stitch was made by these hands. Never say never though. I may get the hang of it someday!

To learn needle tatting I used a book and needle set from this site: "Learn Needle Tatting Step-By-Step" by Barbara Foster. By following the step by step directions in the book, I had my first tatted motif in about 20 minutes.

Since that time, I've experimented with creating my own patterns. Both of the scans shown are my own designs, needle tatted with Carron Wildflowers threads.

More information can be found about needle tatting at this group:

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  1. Good for you! I prefer shuttle tatting myself, but back in 1997 when I was re-teaching myself from a book and could NOT remember the "flip", I resorted to needle tatting. Shortly after that, I remembered the flip and went back to the shuttle, but the needle is every bit as good at creating beautiful lace. I just hate having those long ends to pull through. LOL!