Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Meet the Family Part One-Dexter

Occasionally I thought I would post pictures and a bit of information about members of my family. I'm going to start with the newest (and most fun) one first.

This, is Dexter, aka "Dex", aka"Pretty Boy", aka"Taz(mainian Devil"), and last but not least, "Bubby Puppy". His formal name is "Hammer Down Blue" Dexter. Not sure I fully understand how this is, but he is descended from the "Hammer" line of Blue Tic Coon Hounds.
Dexter came into our lives over Memorial Day weekend when he was 9 weeks old. My husband Steve and his brother Foster raised and hunted this breed of dog for many years, winning many trophies for their hunting skills.

Dexter likes playing fetch in the house, running like crazy down the hallway, stopping short and pouncing on his red squeaky toy. He's learning to "shake" and he'll be so good at it if he just quits falling over! He's a great help in the garden too. He loves to help me weed. I pull the weeds and he insists upon me placing them in his mouth so he can chew them to bits. Nope, those bad old weeds won't be getting by him anytime soon. He's so funny!

This is the first time in my life I've had a puppy. I never knew you could grow to love an animal as much as I love him.

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