Thursday, June 25, 2009

Needle Felting Part Two detail shots

A day late, but as promised here are some close ups of my needle felted piece.

Lower left: This area shows one of the flowers fashioned from a silk carrier rod. Wool roving was added for the flower center. Above and to the side of the flower, you can see a bit of the ribbon collage area. The ombre ribbon was scrunched and felted to the background, but it just would not stay felted until I added some yarns to it. The ribbon and yarn are embellished with various Czech flower, leaf and seed beads.

Upper left. This area is embellished with dyed curly wool locks. Intermixed with the locks are bits of Angelina fibers (love that sparkle!) The flowers are wool roving embellished with seed beads.

Upper right: A beaded dragonfly from seed and bugle beads with Czech dagger beads used for the wings. Below the dragonfly is some hand dyed rayon tape embellished with French knots and beads. Another embellished ribbon sits to the right of the dragonfly. This one is Hanna hand dyed bias silk with the addition of a decorative fuzzy yarn and various floral leaf and seed beads.
The entire piece was free motion machine quilted after the embellishment was almost complete. It's tricky trying to get around beads and the ribbons, but still doable.
I had originally intended to make this piece into a purse, but I'm not so sure the embellishments would stand up to the wear it would get. I'm so hard on things! I've also thought of turning it into a journal cover, but now I'm considering another idea. I am thinking of placing the piece as it is with raw edges on top of a quilted background and framing it. Whatever I end up doing, it will have to wait until after the Omaha retreat. Time is short!

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