Sunday, February 7, 2010

Recent Finishes

With all the snow we've had here there's not much to do besides stay in and quilt, or in my case, actually break down and finish some quilts. Here are two sane (as opposed to crazy)quilts that I've managed to bind.

First up is a Civil War reproduction quilt that I made as a sample for the Quilting Connection, quilted by my friend April West. Nice quilt, but I would never, ever make a quilt entirely of triangles ever again. Ever.

Detail.... Next up is a small version of an old Mount Redoubt pattern, used as a teaching tool for a class. I had left this without a binding for years, now finished, it's ready for gift giving.


  1. your quilts are lovely.. beautiful work

  2. Thank you Both! I am taking the lap quilt to Colorado this weekend. I will give it to my eldest son as a homecoming gift. He is returning home after a year in Afghanistan.