Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Machine Needlefelting Class

Last week I held a machine needle felting class at the Quilting Connection in Ames, and I managed to take snap a few pictures of the class.

I chose postcards as the project for the night. Here a a couple that I used for samples for the class.

I kept mine simple, with no further embellishments. I didn't want people to feel intimidated by some of the unusual materials I like to use, or feel they had to bring a lot of extra supplies to class.

Here April, Chris, and Marlene are hard at work on their projects.

Marlene's postcard, almost finished. I failed to get a good picture of the finished postcard, but it reminded me of a Van Gogh painting. Simply beautiful.
And then, this week, I got the greatest surprise, I got this in the mail from April! It was the card she was working on in class.
Below is the postcard that I will be mailing off to April. Hope she likes it!


  1. wow...i've never done felting, seen it on Martha Stewart a few times...

    looks very interesting!
    i will follow you after I post this comment...

    please come by my blog too sometime...you just might like me enough to follow too!

    ciao bella..

  2. Oh this looks like SO much fun! Thanks for stopping by Beading Arts, and I hope you'll share pictures of any beaded pieces you make with us :-)