Monday, May 30, 2011

New Jewels

Long time no post...I am enjoying a 'staycation' this weekend. So far, I've completed some new jewelry, went to a fabulous bead shop in Des Moines, met up with my bff, and cleaned my studio. I hope to finish the weekend by finishing the quilting on a rather large lap quilt and try to get the binding done. We'll see how far I get! Anyhoo...on to the new jewels...

These first two photos show a set I made for myself from leftovers from a commissioned work. I used watermelon jade, new and reclaimed wood beads along with Vintaj wire for all of the wirework and clasps. The small dark wood beads were reclaimed from a rather uninteresting necklace I found at Goodwill.

This second set ended up being a belated birthday gift for my bff Jaci. It's made with both handmade and commercial ceramic beads, Czech glass, jade, Vintaj wire, charms, chain and clasp. Seems like some people toss around the 'bff' thing quite a bit, but in our case I think it's true. We met the summer before kindergarden and have been friends for 42 years now. I hope she thinks this did our friendship justice :).

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  1. Hi, Lisa! It was so good running into you at QC before Christmas. Congarts on being happily self-employed! Now you need to busy updating the blog...

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