Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Scrumptious Scraps Week One

I'm taking my very first online class at Joggles, an interesting online store that caters to art quilters and dollmakers. I have been wanting to take this class ever since I saw the beautiful example of work done by my friend Freda while at a retreat last summer in St. Louis.

I wasn't sure I would like an online class, but I know that it's unlikely that I will ever have the opportunity to take a class in person from the instructor, Christen Brown, since she resides in California.
The class project is to take odd bits of laces and apply them to a base. Once that is complete, there are 4 more lessons that will guide students to dye the base, and then add various embellishemnts. In my piece, I've combined vintage lace collars, small strips of scrap laces and Venice lace flower motifs. It is so great to finally have found a project to incorporate the beautiful pieces that have been languising in my lace box for more years than I care to count.

I'm really enjoying the process! I love that I didn't have to haul all the needed supplies any further than my worktable, and I wasn't stressed about not having the right supplies because everything I needed was close at hand. Christen's directions are clear, and she's been very prompt in answering questions in the class forum as they come up. I still miss the personal interaction with classmates and being able to see the class sample in person, but the lower stress level is worth it's weight in gold.

I'm really excited to start the next phase of the class, where we will dye the lace base that was created in the first lesson. I'll be sure to have photos when that part is done.


  1. It is beautiful. I always look at jiggles class offer but have never tried. I do not have have the best Internet. Due to rural life. So never attempted. I also admired Freda's work. And look forward to more of your project.

  2. Thank you! I have the stitching done now and and I am sooo looking forward to the next step where we will dye our base.

  3. Lisa it looks great. You will hve such fun and don't stres yourself. Mine is still in the bag not finished but I had a great time getting that far so that is worth it. Someday maybe I will finish it.

    Will see you in St. Louis and bring it with.



  4. Thank you Freda. And thank you for the inspiration to do this. I admired your piece so much when you showed it to us in St. Louis. I hope that you'll bring it along this year if you are able. I would love to see it again!