Saturday, October 3, 2009

Summer Memories

It is a cold, rainy Autumn day here in Iowa. Summer is DEFINITELY over! I have a few odd pictures from summer to share today, memories of warmer, sunny days.

My repeat blooming daylilies did beautifully this year...
Dexter was a big help when we re-did a small garden just outside our back door...

We divided several hostas from another area and made a pretty new garden. the ugly post will be cut short next spring, and I will make a gazing ball to set on top of it. We would have removed the post, but it is set in cement and there are a lot of underground wires near by.

Can you tell that Dexter has a Lily bud in his mouth? So naughty, but so cute!

This is my mom with her totally hot new ride! She had always wanted a red convertible and my dad surprised her with it this spring. We had a lot of fun driving around the local lake and going to the mall with the top down.
Ah....I feel warmer already :)

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